We offer you food delivery choices and a location guide to convenience shops and restaurants.

Its a shortlisted collection of tasty local food places during your stay. Come and test drive them.

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Looking to burn some energy and get the heart pumping? The surrounding hills and mountains are calling for you.

You can go for a trail run, a slow walk in the jungle, a steady climb or even just to sit by the stream. Here are some options that you can explore.

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Why not get some family pictures done, a portrait with a loved one or even of yourself, while taking a break?

Its an opportunity to get a quick portrait, in peaceful surroundings. It can even be a surprise present for someone. It can bring the best out of you.

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Photography has stayed relevant in the face of technology. Even with AI aided – mobile phones, mirrorless cameras, drones or any old visual capturing device you still need to discover creativity and the ART of SEEING – to make a picture.

Why not learn something while on holiday? Our primary workshop is for newbies but we can customise a workshop to your needs.

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