Please use Google Maps to navigate as other apps will overshoot . It will direct you to the BOTTOM OF our DRIVEWAY. After that, a sharp right to go up our driveway and reach our carpark.

Here is the most accurate link:,102.0163223


This is a video to help you arrive to our driveway and carpark. It begins from the open Pantai Hill gates at the bottom of the hill.

<< youtube link >>

Additionally, please refer to the images below to help you.

You can also look out for a small DISINI signage on the left handside. This is a landmark to help you take the sharp right turn, into our driveway.

Enter through the Pantai Hill open gates:

Place marked X is the location Google maps will stop.

This is the bottom of our driveway. Here you can see the Disini signage on the left.

Take a sharp right turn to enter our driveway

Go up Spyder Hill driveway.

At the top is our carpark

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